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Special Programs

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Special Programs
Teachers Content Area Location
Kelly Osborne R.E.A.C.H. Teacher Room 402
Ramona Reed R.E.A.C.H. Aide Room 402
Tammy Gwin Math Resource Room 404
Burgundie Smith ELAR Resource Room 410
Noemit Ortuno SPED Aide Campus-Wide
Magan Stanford SPED Aide Campus-Wide
Tanika Patterson P.A.C.E. Teacher Room 408
Viola Chapa P.A.C.E. Aide Room 408
Jack Morris P.A.C.E. Aide Room 408
Jo Anne Bloomfield Speech Pathologist Room 414
Tanisha Duckett Diagnostician Room 422
April Taylor L.S.S.P. Room 109
Jessica Watson SPED Counselor
Room 403
Vicki Bishop Dyslexia
Front Atrium