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Counselor's Corner

Welcome Back Students and Parents
My name is Deana Deloatche, and I am the counselor for Life School Lancaster. For the 2017-2018 school year, I will be working with all grade levels K-6th.
I am very excited to be working with LSLC. This is my ninth year as a School Counselor. Before working in Life School District, I taught in the private and public sector for over ten years.
I will be going into the classrooms every six weeks for Guidance Lessons.
Students can ask to see me any time by filling out a “self-referral” form which is in the front office. They may fill this out and place in my mailbox by my office door. Typically, students come to see me if there is anything they need to speak about that seems to be getting in the way of them feeling happy and/or successful.
Topics we will be covering this year will be:
Respect, responsibility, caring, cooperation, problem solving techniques, bullying, honesty, citizenship, conflict resolution, tattling vs. Reporting, solving conflicts, careers, as well as many others.
In the fall a letter goes home to parents regarding EXPRESS groups. Groups will be held for 6 weeks, 30 minutes at a time, 1 day a week. Parents must sign a permission form in order for their child to participate in a group.
Some of the topics for groups will be:
1.      Self-esteem,
2.      Problem-Solving~handling angry feelings,
3.      Organization and study skills,
4.      Friendships, and
5.      Changing Families
If you have any questions or concerns, you may email me at